Meditation As a State of Mind-Diana Zen

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Meditation As a State of Mind-Diana Zen


"Meditation" is internally to see the original nature and not be confused.-Master Hui-neng

Meditation Practice As a Mean

The mind is the root our sufferings, through its perception of the outer events. As we project our narrative onto the outer world, we form emotional attachments placing us unwittingly onto an emotional rollercoaster ride. Meditation is the mean to bring the mind back to a state of focus, calm, and clarity. Meditation help us dissipate the emotional clingingness to outer events so that we can respond with accurate insight.

Meditation practice is an essential mean to calm and clear the mind so that we can experience life with full awareness. Meditation practice is a mean to return one to a state of Inner Peace. We do not experience life as it truly is without freedom from mind’s narrative and filters of the outer world. The practice of meditation helps to calm and cultivate the mind, so that it can recognize and self-stabilize against the impulses arising from fleeting emotions and behaviors based on egocentric purpose.

Meditation training helps focus our attention to the present moment, to the breath and the body, and allows us to step away from the whirlwind of thoughts and eradicate the restlessness in our head. We can refocus and be in the present and experience each moment without the bias nor taint of emotional attachments. Meditation training empowers us to self-attuned to our emotional impulses and their corresponding behaviors and tendencies. As the mind becomes quiet, we become attuned to each moment-to-moment and we harmonize with our immediate experience.

Meditation practice will help us to see within ourselves and ultimately help us to recognize the universal sufferings brought about by bias and prejudice. Meditation helps to transport us away from the illusion of the self. We become aware, attentive, and cognizant to other people and to society. All beings, including ourselves, are afflicted with the illusion of the ego molded from empirical experiences. We have the power to self-liberate from our self-imposed pity, pettiness, and selfishness. As we dissolve our self-isolation, we can truly live in the life stream yet be unswayed by it.

Meditation helps us to recognize the universal sufferings stemming from false perception and attachment. As we live each moment through clarity of meditation, we transform our own egocentric focus into an universal altruism. We exist at an Inner Peace and the experience outer circumstances with the all encompassing universal compassion.

"As we live each moment through clarity of meditation,
we transform our own egocentric focus into an universal altruism."

Meditation As a State of Mind

Being Zen is being at the original state of mind that is unwavering and unattached, unhindered by the arising outer circumstances. Meditation, as a Zen state of being, helps one transcends the trappings dualism.

Ultimately, Meditation is a original state of mind that persists seamlessly while at rest and while in motion. Meditation is not an imposed stated of being where one must expend mental efforts to force the silencing of the thoughts and the negation of the senses. Meditation is a state of being where the mind is unobstructed by the conditional filters of empirical experiences.

Meditation is not a matter of re-framing reality through practice. Rather, Meditation is being attuned to reality as it is. Meditation is experiencing reality without any knee-jerk-emotion-based reaction. Meditation is the facing of reality head-on with the no-nothingness of the non-self. Circumstances arrises and passes by leaving one unaffected and unwavered by their coming and going.

Meditation is not just an exercise to calm the mind while at rest. Meditation IS a state of mind. One does the exercise to quiet the mind so that it will stabilize and return to its original state of Meditation…its original state of Zen.

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 June 23, 2018

"Being Zen is being at the original state of mind
that is unwavering and unattached,
unhindered by the arising outer circumstances."


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