Monday, April 16, 20181:00 AM(View: 45)
"My work is an opportunity for reflections and a hands-on opportunity for me use wisdom and compassion to overcome challenges within myself."
Saturday, April 14, 20182:40 AM(View: 32)
It is important to maintaining a good posture and staying mobile in the office.
Sunday, March 18, 20187:21 PM(View: 261)
Meditation is the means to bring the mind back to a state of focus, calm, and clarity.
Monday, March 5, 20181:01 AM(View: 251)
It is essential that we empower ourselves by using our Inner Light to transport us to the meanings beyond the concrete words.
Friday, February 23, 20183:02 PM(View: 440)
A plant-based diet is indeed a compassionate choice for our health, our planet, and for animals.
Tuesday, February 6, 201812:01 AM(View: 304)
Step out from the whirlwind of life to go forward with clarity and purpose.
Monday, February 5, 201812:01 AM(View: 380)
We all have the choice to face our life circumstance as either a facilitator or as a hindrance along our life path. We are self-empowered to transform both the positives and the negatives into opportunities.
Sunday, February 4, 20187:25 PM(View: 325)
Treat everyone with kindness and understanding. We are all entangled in Karma. Live with compassion
Saturday, February 3, 20184:49 PM(View: 126)
With an innate and unselfish core of compassion, one can truly make a consistent positive transformation during each encounter.
Saturday, February 3, 20183:15 PM(View: 183)
Kindness and compassion are the cornerstone of humanity and the foundation for positive transformation.