Our Vision

The goal of ZenEnergy Organization is to unify the theoretical knowledge, as presented in ZenMoon.org, with real life application through compassion and wisdom. A Zen life path is not a passive letting-go of life, but is instead an active realisations of the Karmic existence, while being at a Timeless Inner Peace.

Living in Zen is being at full acknowledgement and awareness of the present, living in the Dharma, and recognising reality as it truly is: impermanent and dualistic. Zen Moon is the transcendence from Karmic entanglements, and living in the here and now with compassion and wisdom. ZenEnergy is the application of compassion and wisdom as the means of cutting through egocentric subjectivity and discrimination, so that one may live in the here and now with clarity and altruism.

Diana Zen, Founder & CEO
ZenEnergy Organization

Each individual has the innate potentiality
to transcend the mundane 
and make a positive difference in the lives of others